Brent Sims is a writer/director from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His past work includes... 

- Anne Dark, sci-fi/horror/action, launched on Kickstarter

- Teddymare, a feature screenplay, based on the short by the same name.

Screamies, pilot and 2nd episode optioned, a children's episodic sci-fi horror cartoon based on the artwork of Mike Soz for Frank Lunn, producer attached to Rustboy (previously setup at Sony).

- Grave Shivers, sci-fi/horror anthology proof of concept funded via Kickstarter. Programmed at 35 film festivals and won the audience award at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Los Angeles.

- Glory Days, screenplay, landed at Mosaic Entertainment Group(Sony-based production company) under development by Gloria Fan.

- Evil Squirrel, screenplay, landed at Boxing Cat Films(Disney-based production company) under development of Matt Carroll.

- Gutter Punks; documentary on homeless teens that play 75 film festivals and sold TV rights to multiple territories.